Bär Cargolift - Lifting Performance.

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Rush, inattention, operating errors - these are risks when using a tail lift that might come true even for trained drivers. Our new SmartControl product movie deals with exactly these risks when using radio remote controls. Because: Safety first! 

When the user is absent he has to protect his tail lift against unauthorized use be third parties. In practice most often a switch off in the driver's cabin is necessary before the user goes away from the vehicle. This makes the (un)loading process more complicated.

The SmartControl remote control with RadioKey resolves this norm demand in a unique way: When the driver leaves the Cargolift's work area, RadioKey locks automatically all control elements. For unlocking he returns in the work area and presses an arbitrary button on the SmartControl remote control. A further log-in is not necessary.

Since beginning of the year all optional SmartControl remote controls are equipped with RadioKey. Watch the product movie »

Transport CH in Bern, Switzerland
Hall B014, Stand 3.2 @ Trösch Fahrzeugbau
12.11.2015- 15.11.2015

Solutrans in Lyon, France
Hall 2, stand 2 A 064
17.11.2015- 21.11.2015

Taillifts that are optimized user specifically to highest performance – thus: "Lifting Performance." This is the demand of Bär Cargolift. In order to give an insight in the performance of our Cargolifts, we have updated our website. From now on you will find the following news.

Bär Cargolift is one of the largest manufacturers of taillifts in Europe. Bär offers Cargolifts for all applications and vehicle categories with working loads from 500 to 3000 kilograms: Standard taillifts, single or double folded retractable taillifts and the FreeAccess Vanlift. All products are manufactured in-house at the company's main facility in Heilbronn, where the first Bär taillift was designed and manufactured by Gerd Bär over 30 years ago.