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Simply move into the working position with one double click (VI 13/2021)

There is no easier and more comfortable way to operate a rectrable tail lift. A double click with Bär SmartControl Plus is all it takes for our HydFalt Cargolift to move from the driving position to the working position - including platform folding. Learn more about

» Bär SmartControl for Bär Cargolift HydFalt including EasyFold

Bär SmartControl uses the EasyFold function: EasyFold combines individual operating commands into a complete operating sequence.

On our history website www.lifting-performance.com you can find out more about our innovations HydFalt, Bär SmartControl remote control and the operating automatism EasyFold, newly introduced this year. Enjoy it!

We wish you and your staff a wonderful Christmas season and a great start to 2022!


Visit us on Booth #5451 to see the fully functional BC 1500 F2 – Tuck Away, BC 2000 R42 Retractable and the Bär FreeAccess VanLift.

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BAR Cargolift Canada is happy to share that our partners at VanPro have recently and successfully completed the install of three (3) BÄR FreeAccess VanLifts onto their clients Mercedes-Benz Sprinters.

These BÄR FreeAccess VanLifts will assist the client’s delivery operators by safely raising and lowering heavy wheeled carts that need to be loaded and off loaded, at the same time providing flexible access in and out of the van when the lift is not required.

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